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For Immediate Release
November 02, 2015
CONTACT: Tina Orozco
Communications Manager
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Company offers Premium Detroit-Style DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza for DEEP!DEEP!™ Dishcount

Detroit Little Caesars is celebrating its best pizza ever, Detroit-Style DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza, with the company’s first nationwide “sale” in more than a decade. Beginning November 2 through November 15, 2015, Little Caesars will offer its Detroit-style DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza for just $6 plus tax where applicable. A nod to Little Caesars hometown, the DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza is a Detroit-style pizza — a rectangular pizza that gets its crispy-crunchy edge and chewy inside texture from baking in a custom metal pan coated with olive oil. Whether customers are trying it for the first time or falling DEEPLY in love all over again, Little Caesars wants everyone in America eating Detroit-style pizza. Dubbed the “DEEP!DEEP! Dishcount”, the sale gives customers an opportunity to try DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza for just $6 plus tax where applicable, rather than its typical value at $8.

“We are so enthusiastic about our Detroit-Style DEEP!DEEP! Dish and proud to offer such a premium pizza to our customers”, said Ed Gleich, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Little Caesars. “Our DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza has an incredible taste, epitomizes our quality, and fits the tremendous value and convenience for which Little Caesars is known. Whether you're a loyal fan or trying our DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza for the first time, I think you’ll be impressed by our DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza and will be back well after the $6 promotion ends.”

What is Detroit-Style pizza? There are other delicious regional styles of pizza, including Chicago and New York, but Detroiters know this style. They grow up with it. It’s the hometown pizza. The distinctive Detroit-style deep dish pizza originated in the 1940’s with the use of a blue steel pan (similar to those used in industrial parts trays in the Motor City), which is coated with olive oil. It is a square or rectangular pizza that has a thick deep-dish crisp crust, a crispy-crunchy edge and chewy inside texture, and cheese from edge to edge.

The only global pizza chain headquartered in Detroit, Little Caesars is uniquely positioned to offer Detroit-style pizza on a national scale. Little Caesars was the first national chain to introduce Detroit-style pizza to its core menu in all 50 states. Styled after the assembly line trays first used to make deep dish pizza in the Motor City years ago, Little Caesars modern adaptation of this pan is made in the USA exclusively for Little Caesars and is designed to deliver the hallmark Detroit-style crunch. DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza builds on the success and legacy of the $5 HOT-N-READY® pizza by offering a new pizza variety with the same focus on value, quality and convenience. It has been a fixture on Little Caesars menu nationwide since its launch in 2013.

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About Little Caesars® Pizza

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Little Caesars was founded in 1959 as a single, family-owned restaurant. Today, Little Caesars is the third largest pizza chain in the world, with stores in each of the 50 U.S. states and 26 countries and territories.

Known for its HOT-N-READY® pizza and famed Crazy Bread®, Little Caesars has been named “Best Value in America” for the past twelve years (based on nationwide survey of national quick service restaurant customers conducted by Sandelman & Associates - 2007-2018 entitled “Highest Rated Chain – Value for the Money”). Little Caesars products are made with quality ingredients, like fresh, never frozen, mozzarella and Muenster cheese and sauce made from fresh-packed, vine-ripened California crushed tomatoes.

An exceptionally high growth company with 60 years of experience in the $145 billion worldwide pizza industry, Little Caesars is continually looking for franchisee candidates to join our team in markets around the world. In addition to providing the opportunity for entrepreneurial independence in a franchise system, Little Caesars offers strong brand awareness with one of the most recognized and appealing characters in the country, Little Caesar.